Company Information

Marley's is a new small business built around the idea that reclaimed materials can have a second useful life by transforming them into functional pieces. Our focus today is on reclaiming and transforming wood pallets into functional home furnishing - racks of several types. We sell our racks at festivals around New England and online.

Our Products

We've designed several versions of home-use racks and produce them with quality 5-coat finishes. We offer Wine & Spirit Racks, Coat Racks and Display Racks in many sizes, configurations and finishes. Our products are functional, sturdy and attractive, and all made from reclaimed pallet materials.

Pallets are utilitarian and are sturdily made with strong wood. Their hard life of service at the bottom of the pile results in genuine distressing. This natural wear combined with the general rough sawn nature of the wood makes reclaimed pallet wood very distinctive and attractive when dressed up and given a quality finish. No two racks are identical. Each is a unique creation.

Marley, Our Shop Dog

Marley is our shop dog and company namesake. He has a reclaimed story of his own, so it seemed fitting to honor this lovable 4-legger in our company name. We don't know Marley's breed or age or where he came from.

We only know that he showed up one morning and joined in play and eating with our other house dogs. He fit in perfectly with his gregarious personality and quiet demeanor. After weeks of searching for his owner, Marley was given his name and a new home.

This reclaimed dog is putting some age on, but he's still the "good boy" who wandered into our lives years ago.