Deluxe Wine & Spirit Rack

The Deluxe Wine & Spirit Rack includes a top shelf for further storage and display and a bottom glass storage rail.

The Deluxe Wine & Spirit Rack includes a bottom glass stemware storage rail and a top shelf sturdy enough to hold additional bottles while set high enough to not impede bottle placement and removal from the sectional compartment(s).

Available in four sizes and all five finishes.

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Deluxe Wine & Spirit Racks (includes top shelf and glass rail)

Prices include rack only. Additional objects pictured for illustration are not included.

The Deluxe model features both a top shelf and a bottom glass rail. The glass rail securely holds glasses with a narrow insertion channel for the stem leading to a large diameter cutout for the base to set in and secure the glass. Our wine and spirit racks are distinguished by their quality 5-coat finish skillfully applied over several days after careful hand sanding of the piece.

For easy and sturdy hanging, each rack has a pair of keyhole slots cut into the back's top board ready to accept a 3/16" molly or toggle bolt or standard screw. To aid using studs, our slots are on 16" centers for the 1-section racks and 32" centers for the 2-section racks.

Not enough room on your wall for a 2-section rack? Consider stacking two 1-section racks for the equivalent storage and a great look.

Entertain on your deck? Add two mounting screws to your deck railing and bring your rack outside for the party and easily slide the rack on and off. The keyhole hanging slots make it easy to just lift the rack up and off.

Click on an image to enlarge. Items displayed with rack are for illustration only and are not included with rack purchase.

Product illustrated is a Regular, 2-Section in Antique Coffee.

Product illustrated is a Regular, 2-Section in Antique Oak.

Product illustrated is a Large, 1-Section in Antique White.

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