Ordering from Marley's

All of our products can be ordered online. We divide orders into three broad categories as described below.

Quick Ship Racks from Inventory

Quick ship racks are already built and ready to ship or pick up. These are racks that conform to our regular product line, but are built in advance of an order. A complete list of our Quick Ship products is available on the Current Inventory page. Shipping will be within 3 days of receipt of order.

Build-to-Order Racks

Our Build-to-Order racks represents our entire product line of rack models, sizes and finishes. If the rack you want isn't available as a Quick Ship in inventory item, you can order it to be built for you. Browse our site to determine the model, size and finish and then send us an email from the Contact Marley's page. Shipping will be within 3-5 weeks of receipt of order.

Custom-Built Racks

Custom racks are models, sizes and/or finishes not included in our regular product line. If you don't see a model, size or finish you want, visit the Contact Marley's page and send us an email telling us what you want. We'll gladly provide a quote.